and why do you need it?



Small business owners are surprised and worried when they find out that SEO is not a one-time job. Like any marketing, you need to promote your site and a regular series of work is vital to obtaining and maintaining your search engine ranking. Here is why:

  • SEO is a campaign. You don't automatically get found by google when your site is launched. There are hundreds of sites vying for your client's attention and your competitors have been online longer than you and have spent money on SEO.


  • Research is needed to determine which keywords to aim for. Some keywords you think may be relevant may not actually be used by potential customers. Others may be targeted by large companies who spend thousands on marketing. 

  • After that a competitor analysis is needed to see what they are doing right and what backlinks they are using - especially those who are in the top spots in Google. The most valuable links will be identified, and then effort is made to get those backlinks for your website as well. 


  • The link building phase is arduous and time consuming. Also, Google will penalize your site when you suddenly have a thousand backlinks overnight. To appear natural, this process takes months and has to be continuous for as long as you want your website to be optimized for search engine ranking.

  • You can’t just stop and say that you’ve got enough backlinks and you don’t need any more. That’s like stopping or slowing down when you’re in a race. Your competitors are all trying to rank too, and you will get overtaken if you don’t keep up your pace.

  • You’ll also need to feature new content on your website on a regular basis. The highest ranking websites tend to have fresh content nearly every day. Since you may not be able to do this yourself, you’ll then have to rely on your SEO provider for this particular task. They will also make sure that the content published on your site is properly optimized as well. Blogs, videos, updates, new images...these are all good options.


  • Monthly checks are needed on your site. For example, is the site always up, is your security adequate against hacking, and is the loading speed for your web pages fast? These things are crucial not just for SEO, but for your website customers as well.

  • No-one can guarantee you first page on google but even if your website has reached the top spot for your keywords, you still need SEO to remain in that position!


Having a beautiful new site is great for your business; but if it's not marketed it won't be found among the hundreds of other sites competing for your client's attention.

In any industry it is likely that many competitors will have had sites being found and clicked on for months if not years ahead of yours. Your site will NOT be automatically be ranked on google without some SEO work.

The google algorithm is complex, and in ranking websites it includes aspects such as :

  • responsiveness (mobile ready)

  • unique content

  • new content

  • rich media (images and videos)

  • number of clicks onto your site

  • backlinks (offsite links to your site)

  • keywords in your content

  • social media links

  • luck and timing

In designing your site, we make sure it is structured in a way that the search engines will find it.  More targeted SEO should be a key part of your marketing budget.

​This is why any SEO companies will recommend a monthly program. This is worthwhile but many small businesses can't afford this. Our basic SEO package will not get you noticed on google straight away but it will kick start your SEO strategy. 


You will still need to market your website in other ways and we can advise you on the best and cheapest way to do this; you can even do some of this yourself.  When your company is ready financially, start thinking about a monthly budget of +$400 for ongoing SEO