"Your website isn't mobile responsive?"

Mobile optimised websites Sydney

How embarrassing. A potential new client just checked our site and saw that there were problems on the mobile version. Unfortunately for us, we've just finished making some minor changes and hadn't gotten around to optimising the mobile site yet, distracted as we were by emailing and the general client admin we all have to cover.

The issues were just minor too...a few buttons not quite in place and some empty space! Bad luck for us and there goes the client.

This goes to show how important mobile optimisation is. Obviously for a web designer its almost unforgivable but your clients CAN and WILL walk away if your mobile site isn't up to scratch.

52.2% of website traffic is directly through mobile. Also, user bounce rates are higher on mobile...ie. clients swipe through their mobiles faster and "bounce" away from sites more quickly than when at a desktop or laptop. This means that having all your information up top and easy to find on mobile is vital. A good user experience is more important that design!

If your site is more than a few years old, it may well need some updating so its mobile responsive. Beach Websites have special site redesign packages just for older sites!

As for our site? 15 minutes later and its all beautifully optimised...even the form is fixed!