Wordpress for Dummies

We've been super busy lately, finishing off more than 8 sites in a month plus adding an office in the north coast of NSW.

We'll bring you updates on these over the next week.

Bondi Websites doesn't often do wordpress sites; we prefer the wix platform for small-to-medium businesses especially if they want he freedom to adjust the site themselves down the track.

However for more complex sites, wordpress is the way to go.

That being said, a recent client requested a WP site for his very simple, static site. Since this site is unlikely to need many changes and because there is so little functionality, doing this site on wordpress was the way to go. With the hosting costs at about 75% of a wix site, it was worth it for this client.

For such as simple site, wordpress actually took no time at all and we were able to provide a good discount to the client.

We also changed another client over to wordpress from a wix site to save her money in the long term and also because the business was on ice but she wanted to keep a website up, without needing ongoing changes.

While we love wix for designing, we will always look at a client's business and requirements first before recommending a platform.

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