What is a site mockup?

Website Mockups

This is a live website that can show your clients or investors what your website will do...without costing you the price of a whole website!

The site won't be indexed on google so the public won't be able to find it. However you can provide your clients a URL and they will be able to see the style, navigation and layout that will represent the main site down the track.

This could be an important step in gaining investment, or proving to decisions makers that a new site is the way to go.

These used to be done in a pdf form but this isn't navigable and you cant add link easily. These days, we zip you up a beautiful design in WiX and leave it there for as long as you need...so you only pay as much monthly hosting as you use.

Beach Websites can set up a website mockup for your business starting from just $500 for a one-page scrolling site, and this amount will be deducted from the cost of the final site.

Options can include:

- design only

- store setup

- complex functionality such as bookings