Making a Website from a PDF

Louise Graham

Sometimes a site design is an actual nightmare. Our client from Scotland, the lovely Louise Graham, had a very specific design for her site which she wanted to implement.

We recomended going for WiX as she wanted to be able to update the site content easily herself. While an html site would have gotten closer to the pdf design faster, it would have cost more than $4000, and she would struggle to keep it updated easily.

Even in WiX it was viciously difficult! What looks great on a PDF often may not look good on a website, or even work. This is because a PDF is static but a website is dynamic! Further, the dynamic elements (buttons, sliders etc) will mess with your design, and sizing is an issue. website moved up and down but not from side to side! A site should be designed to fill any screen but your text needs to be both responsive (to fit on different screen sizes) and readable by google for your SEO. If your images are too big, users have to scroll down to find what they want to click on.

There were also problems with too many elements slowing down the site. There is a reason many sites have tha clean white look...fewer elements means firstly that a user can find what they need easily and secondly, it reduces load time which affects bounce rate (what?). More empty space also highlights where you want the user to look.

The lesson here is don't sacrifice user experience for design!

The outcome for Louise was good...she's happy with the look of her site after quite a bit of hard work from both Beach Websites and her designer (now a WiX convert).

If you have a PDF of how you would like your site to look that's fine, and helpful to us to understand your aesthetic. However don't expect that the website will look exactly like it...the nature of the web is against us!

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