The Secret is in The Logo

When you take a look around you, you will see that Logos are everywhere around us and are rooted in our culture and way of life. Logos influence the decisions we make, it represents and communicate a company’s values, and are often packed with meaning.

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In the following article we will take a closer look at what a logo is, why it is so important and what to keep in mind when creating or designing a logo.

What is a logo and why is it so important?

A logo is a graphic symbol, mark or emblem made up of text, shapes, and images with the purpose to promote public recognition and identification of a business. The design might be abstract or figurative or it can include the name of the business it represents as a watermark.

The primary goal of a logo is to identify and when it comes to businesses identification trumps everything else. The single most important role of a logo is to identify the person, product, service, or business.

The main reasons why a logo is of the utmost importance are:

• It Grabs Attention

• It Makes a Strong First Impression

• Logo Design Influences Our Decisions

• It is The Foundation of Your Brand Identity

• It is Memorable

• It Separates You from The Competition

• It Fosters Brand Loyalty

• Your Audience Expects It

Things to keep in mind when designing a logo.

Understand why you need a logo.

When you think of any business you immediately get a picture of the businesses’ logo in your mind. Your logo will give your customers information about your brand to let them know if it is what they need. A logo is seen on all your branding material, from business cards, packaging to your website. A good logo helps you to stand out from your competitors and create a great first impression.

Describe your brand identity

Your logo must communicate your brand’s personality. To be able to do this you need to find out what your brand’s core personality is. It will be a lot easier to decide on a design that complement your business when you know what makes your company unique.

Find inspiration for your design

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a logo is to decide on the design. If you are a conceptual person you might start with some verbal ideas or a brainstorming session. Never be afraid to think outside the box during a brainstorming session. However, as a visual person a mood board might be the ideal tool for you to get inspired. With a mood board you can collect all the images you are drawn to and those can be your logo’s color combinations, graphics, or illustrations.

Check out the competition

There can not be a better place to steal ideas from than your competition. Think of what makes them different than your business and emphasize on those differences in your logo. Make sure to set yourself apart clearly from the competition.

Once you have decided on your brand and are feeling inspired, you can start to translate your ideas into design. When designing your logo many elements come into play, from colors, shapes, and graphics to typography. It is important to take things slow and step by step to prevent getting overwhelmed when designing your logo. Choose the correct design aesthetic for your brand

Although trendy logos can be fun, they run the risk of quickly becoming outdated. With a classic style you can get netter staying power and can help you to reach a broader audience. A classic design keeps it simple and does not have crazy fonts or color palettes. Retro and Vintage designs have been trending for a long time. They remind you of the past and evoke feelings of nostalgia. Brown and beige color palettes are ideal for these logos and gives the customer the idea that history is important to you.

Modern and minimalistic styles are often used by brands to communicate how modern and fresh they are. The style uses minimal details and simple lines with plenty of whitespace. This results in sleek, pared back logos. These styles show customers that the brand is cool, up to date and knows what counts

A popular choice for brand with young people is fun and quirky designs. These designs are colorful and cute and often uses symbols or illustrations to create a friendly and positive feeling.

There are different types of logos to know about.

Monogram Logos (Letter marks)

Monogram logos or letter marks are logos consisting of letters (Usually brand initials e.g. HBO, CNN etc.) Companies with long names often use this kind of logo to shorten the name and make it more memorable. This type of logo is all about simplicity. Because the logo consists only of letters the font used is very important.

Watermarks or logotypes

A wordmark or logotype is similar to a letter mark in the sense that it focusses on the business name alone. Think of Coca-Cola as an example where the name is catchy and when combined with strong typography it becomes memorable.

Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols

A pictorial mark is a graphic or icon-based logo e.g. the Apple or Twitter logos. This type of logo can be tricky for new companies to news if their name is not yet well established.

Abstract Logo Marks

An abstract mark is a specific type of pictorial logo. This type of logo is an abstract geometric form that represents your business e.g. the BP and Pepsi logos. The reason why abstract symbols are so effective is due to your brand being condensed in one single image.


Mascot logos involve an illustrated character and is often colorful, cartoonish with a lot of fun. With a mascot logo you can create your own spokesperson for your brand e.g. KFC’s Colonel. This type of logo creates a wholesome atmosphere and appeals to families and children.

Combination Mark

As the word combination describe, the combination logo consists of a combination of the wordmark or letter mark and a pictorial mark, abstract or mascot. The picture and text can be side by side or stacked on each other e.g. Doritos. A combination mark is very versatile because it consists of the text and image.


The emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon e.g. Starbucks. These logos can pack a striking image due to their traditional appearance.

There are many things to be taken into consideration when designing a logo but if you keep your design uncomplicated, you will be able to achieve a logo with a strong, bold yet seamless, look. And then, just like that you can introduce your companies brand new look to the world.

Beachwebsites strives for excellence in Logo Design