Solar Power heating up

Solar Power Websites Sydney

We've seen an increase in solar power services websites lately - a sure sign of movement in the suburbs. With the massive decreases in costs and huge improvements in battery technologies, solar panels is not the expensive investment is was just a few year ago.

For our new client Solar7 in Bondi Junction, we built a simple and easy-to-use site to replace their old one. We wrote the content with no complex jargon so its clear to those looking to source a solar system supplier what is being offered.

We set up a blog with some interesting articles, a video on how solar power works and we even popped in a fun quiz!

If you are in Sydney or Wollongong and are thinking about Solar Panels for your home, the lovely guys at Solar7 will definitely be able to look after you. Click on the pic above to check our their new website.

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