Simple Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

A (deceptively) simple portfolio website can be very quick and cost effective.

If you are an artist, model, actor, photographer, architect, musician, or have a portfolio of any description, a one-page portfolio site like this is perfect for you. Using WiX, we can design something clean and beautiful to fully display your work.

A general cost expectation for such a site is about $850 plus gst for 4-5 sections in one scrolling home page. For more subpages with a larger portfolio, the minimum will be $1200.

If you are looking to monetise your work, rather than just display it, you can have paid downloads or streaming of music, videos and images, or an online store. Generally you will need to budget for about $1500 plus gst for more complex functionality.

Remember that its not a good idea to have loads long of high resolution videos on the home page as it slows down your site loading. The best thing to do is upload high resolution media to a sub page and keep your introduction video down to less than a minute.

Don't forget you will also need to budget for a logo, a domain name, hosting and SEO!

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