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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website, and improving and increasing the links to it, to achieve a higher ranking on search engines. The idea is to improve both the quantity and quality of traffic to your site through organic search results.

60% of all traffic on the web starts with a google search. With traffic from other search engines[1], 70.6% of all traffic originates from a search engine.

When you search for something in Google, an algorithm scans its index of billions of sites to best answer your search query. The rankings (whichever sites are on the first page and near to the top under paid results) are based on:

  • Relevancy - Google looks for page content closely related to search keywords

  • Authority - for this Google considers the links from other pages - called backlinks. The algorithm values social media more than other websites but both are important.

  • Usefulness – this is mostly the quality of your content and how it is presented and your user experience. It includes the speed of your site and how much time people spend on it.

  • Trustfulness – again backlinks are important but this is also covers the quality of your content.

  • Search engines prefer new and original content.

There are many other aspects of the algorithms, such as a time factor, the number of people who have clicked on your site, and the business and searcher’s locations among others. The algorithms don’t just look at written content either; they are searching the files names of images, videos and infographic for useful, authoritative information.

There are also negative aspects. For instance, if your site sits quietly with no new, original content for months, it will start dropping in the rankings. The algorithm will skip over your site in favour of more recently updated sites. Duplicated content online is bad news…re-hashing someone else’s blog posts will result in negative ranking points. Your site can even be de-indexed due to a change in code, a plugin update or a server change.

Your business type also makes a difference to the sort of SEO we consider. A small services company with one office should concentrate on local SEO, while eCommerce companies that sell internationally will require a different approach. Quality SEO is vital but like most things it is still budget and time dependent. Competitors who spend more (money and time) will reach a higher rank. Don’t worry! There are many things we can do for you with different budgets AND we will advise on what you can easily do yourself.

However for starting and improving your SEO, a combination of backlinking, social media work and content marketing is important to get close to the first few pages for your keywords, and maintenance is key.

Don’t forget that time element; SEO is like the Pantene ad; it won’t happen overnight but it will happen (as long as you keep it up)! No one can guarantee you the top spot in organic search results no matter how much you spend. Nor will you keep your ranking if you just sit on your laurels. SEO is marketing; like marketing you need an ongoing budget to keep telling people what a great website you have!


Technical SEO:

Getting your site up to scratch before starting on link building is a good idea. We can do a full review of every aspect of your site and then improve those areas onsite that require work. This will clean up your site ready for the offsite SEO.

Offsite SEO:

The more links you have to your site, the more valuable your own links are. This is because Google counts links as a sign of authority and trust. The flipside is that you can’t have poor links; link building is heavily scrutinised by the search algorithms. Placing links on sites that have no authority, trustworthiness or relevance can negatively affect your ranking. The key is quality over quantity, and good research and strategy is part of this.

Work included in Technical and Offsite SEO should include:

1. Website Review

2. Customer and Keyword Research

3. Competitor Research

4. Backlink profile

5. Setup google analytics and google business

6. Search engine indexing

7. Page bookmarking

8. Blog post submissions

9. Image submissions

10. Link research & quality link submissions

11. Link clean-ups

12. Monthly reports on linking and analytics

Content Marketing

Content marketing remains the very best way to reach new customers and improve your search engine ranking[2]. Blog posts earn many more times the indexed pages than sites without blogs. Regular and original content also positions your organisation as an information leader in your industry. Beach Websites can create high quality month-after-month content across all industries and markets.

It is recommended that we produce article of around words rather than essays.

This is because you can offer your users interesting articles, links and information and they wont start drifting off and swiping away – particularly if they are reading on a smart phone. You will also get the benefits of being able to add your main keywords without overdoing it. You want to offer your users real and useful content, not just fill your blog with words that mean nothing. There is evidence that longer articles are very beneficial, since they garner more backlinks. For instance, “15 tips for expats in Asia” is better for SEO than just 3 tips! We can include longer articles every so often but advise against adding these every week.

Non-technical posts include general information and updates, and news researched online. Posts will include a small level of creativity and persuasion. Content may be technical in nature (scientific/legal etc.).

Technical posts are specialised, verifiable and include definitions, explanations and arguments from a point of view. They are creative, scientific and may include graphs.

What we don’t do: Social Media Management

While we encourage you to keep your Instagram current, we don’t manage social media generally. All blog articles are written in your site blog and can be added to your LinkedIn and Facebook pages but we encourage you to keep your own social media up-to-date.

[1]Eg. Bing, Yahoo

[2]HubSpot found that businesses that publishing content on a regular basis get 350% more traffic than those that don’t put as much effort into their content marketing.


Below are some real world and recent examples of SEO work and website design we have done for our clients. An important note here; what yousee on a google search and what wesee will be different. Google also takes into consideration your location and your search history and these can often completely skew the outcomes of your search.

Google wants to give you service providers in your area so won’t show you SEO experts in Canada if you search “SEO experts” from a London office. While we are adding the location to show these examples, if we were in that location we would not necessarily need to type it in. Your search history also has a significant impact; google knows what you like and where you’ve travelled to and what you searched for yesterday so will keep to theme even if we don’t want it to!

SBA Legal

SBA is our poster child for the “content in king” ideal. We finished designing their site in January and within 2 months we were on the first page of google. By April, the site was in the #2 spot for organic searches of “legal process outsourcing melbourne”. The reason for this success is their content marketing. We write weekly articles for the client in their news blog and these are also placed on their facebook and linkedin pages. These posts are NOT all about legal process outsourcing. The articles are interesting and informative to our clients’ current and potential customers and sometimes topics are completely outside the sector.

Each article doeshave a little call to action at the bottom, the images are tagged and the company ensures their staff engages with the article on their social media. A proviso here; while there are dozens of companies offering legal process outsourcing in Melbourne, it is still relatively niche compared to our client’s sister company which offers general business process outsourcing (marketing, accounting, IT and the like). For this company we are only at page four and still have a lot of work to do!

Search Engine Optimising


This site was designed last year for a technology distributor and manufacturer. As a well-known B2B company with very targeted products, they did not wish (or need) to do much SEO work. We simply optimised their site and indexed with google and voila! #2 and #3 for “specialised keyboards Australia”. The company is also ranking on page 1 for Olivetti Keyboards.

Website Optimising Sydney

Liquid Feast

This site was recently re-designed by us, and we did a full onsite SEO process and performed 301 re-directs for old site’s URLs to keep the previous ranking. In the crowded craft beer market, we concentrated on a more local approach since the client arranges many tasting events in their hometown of Canberra. For “craft beer distributor Canberra” the site is now #1 in the organic search results.

For their secondary keyword, “craft beer wholesalers canberra” the site is at #7 on the first page. We will soon be starting a program for “craft beer distributors Australia” where the client is currently sitting on page #8.


This site is just a few months old so we weren’t expecting to see any real progress just yet. The labour contracting market in Sydney is crowded and Solo7 is just starting out, with many competitors spending many dollars on their SEO. With a low budget we concentrated on local SEO and the company is now showing on the first page for “electrical labour hire bondi”. The site is also ranking well for electrician recruitment; I’m told they had a potential employee wander into the office a few weeks ago after finding them on his phone.

SEO Australia

Classic Car Rental

Our client was just starting out in late 2017 and we designed their brand new site with the inclusion of extra pages specifically for SEO. The company has been on the top of the organic search for classic car rental Melbourne for nearly two years. This is important to understand…getting to the top position is worth its weight in gold. Your site will be clicked on more than any other and those clicks themselves will keep your site at the top with only minor updates every few months. Their company name helps; while it is quite long and awkward, it’s the same as the key search term!

Do you see the links under the map on the image below? That is from google business; it’s vital for any business to set up an account; and it’s free. You don’t need to have your site showing on google maps – your address can be hidden – although for storefronts we recommend it. You may not get the keywords you want – we have no control over that - but you will get it at the top of the first page for your business name. We can set this up for you if you don’t have the time or resources.

Search Engine Optimisation Australia

Beach Websites

Like many website developers and designer we hate doing our own site! It’s also a crowded market for web designers, so we concentrate on local SEO. We have also re-branded recently from Bondi Websites to the more generic Beach Websites, which caused no end of problems including a massive ranking drop and an accidental de-indexing!

However we’ve been clawing back up and we’re now back to #2 for Bondi Websites, and on the second or third pages for other suburbs and towns. We do around 2-3 hours of backlinking per week and try to upload at least one article a fortnight. You can see from the image below that our company is also showing at #3 and #4; this is through our facebook page and another lead generation site. This shows how important it is to have your social media up-to-date!

Content Marketing Australia