Google loves original, regular content

Along with offsite backlinks and social media links, content is absolutely vital to your SEO, and moving your site up the search engine rankings.

Google loves new, original and regularly updated content on your site.

If your website is static and simply sits there for months and years with no change, the google algorithm gets bored and will pass over your site looking for others with something new.

Regularly adding to and updating your content is therefore vital.

The absolute best way to add new content is via a blog or news section. Putting aside an hour or so every fortnight or month to add a blog post should be part of your business processes.

This doesn't have to be an essay each week! You can add someone else's news item as a link and make a comment about it...its as easy as that!

Add a new image, a video, a comment on a recent job, a new employee bio...any tidbit will help.

Even better would be some genuinely new content; so that essay idea is not terrible if you have the time and energy! Google likes experts in their field; if you can regularly show new information related to your expertise the algorithm will keep coming back to your site to check.

Of course, you may not have the time or resources to create new content regularly. This is where content marketers come in.

They will provide new content regularly, and upload it to your blog AND your social media; providing double and triple the hits in terms of links to your site!

Remember that none of this happens overnight. Good google ranking takes time, effort and budget.

If you don't have the resources to create content, send us a message. We can create new, interesting, fun and well-researched articles whatever your budget. We will even research a list of topics over months or a year for you to look at. Our copywriting will also consider your keywords and help your business become a thought leader in your field.

Here are some of the blog articles that Beach Websites have created for clients recently:

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