French Kisses

Sometimes we get to do a design which is way out there!

The delightful Colombe d'Humieres is an amazing jewellery designer who lives in Paris. Her collection was shown in a recent Yeezy (Kanye West) fashion show so she's becoming somewhat of an icon on the Parisian jewellery scene.

Her kooky aestheitic is so far from out usual style but we loved the challenge of getting her store up and running, We also added a cool flip page system for her online catalogue, and a bespoke form for users wanting to order a custom-made piece.

There are some user-friendliness issues in this site that we dont recomend to most clients; and normal site layout tends to be similar across the net because people can instantly find what they are looking for. However if you are a bit out of the ordinary and you want your site to reflect that, chat to us and send some examples and we'll get as close as possible but will advise on ensuring users can get to where they want to go.

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