Flash is dead!!!

...well, dying anyway. It all ends in December 2020.

Adobe is abandoning Flash to the software graveyard. The company has announced that Flash development will discontinue completely by 2020. In the software world this is considered “end of life”.

Flash is a multimedia software platform that was once a dominant force on the Web. Adobe Flash has been used to develop and play animations, audio and video content, games, and web apps.

Once upon a time you could barely get around the Web without the Flash extension installed on your web browser. Being without Flash meant videos wouldn’t play, slideshows wouldn’t get displayed, and interactive websites wouldn’t load. Flash ruled the Web’s interactive content and its success led to its eventual purchase by Adobe in 2005.

Flash is slowly being abandoned by Adobe and bug fixes are scheduled to cease completely by 2020.

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Security Risks for Flash

Flash isn't dying a natural peaceful death; it is being euthanized by the tech community that helped create it because is a permanent security risk. Hackers are constantly finding new methods to use Flash to jump to a specific memory address on your machine… and take control of your entire computer (not just the web browser).

No more update for Flash

Flash won't just disappear on 31 December next year; Adobe is basically phasing out updates. This poses a difficulty for older websites with Flash based content. Many computers (and most mobile devices) cannot play Flash content anyway and many users have no interest in installing the once dominant software. If your website is depending on Flash for multimedia content it may not be viewable by the majority of your visitors!

Here is more information on why Flash will no longer be updated.

Will users be able to view my flash content?

Many can't now. If you have a video introduction your mobile visitor can’t view it. If you have a slideshow of previous work your average visitor won’t play it. If you have a proprietary web app using Flash many visitors will just bounce to another site. Furthermore, the Apple iPhone never supported flash so your content isn't visible on many mobiles.

If you have Flash, you are losing traffic and your site ranking is hurting!

How do you know if have Flash on your site?

You can test your website for Flash usage here.

What can I do?

Don't panic; if you have an old site you should be upgrading anyway as this is good practise every year or so. Further, upgrading and replacing content on your site is good for SEO.

If you have an older site - with or without flash - we can redesign your site to make it modern, mobile responsive and flash-proof.

Our basic site redesigns start from $950 plus gst for up to 5 sections/pages. For larger sites with more functionality (including eCommerce, bookings and databases), our design start from $1300 plus gst.


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