Keeping (and getting) clients during corona virus isolation

Keep communication with your customers and potential clients during the Corona Virus Crisis

Getting clients during corona virus isolation

Many businesses are based on relationships. If you run a business in the service industry, there are a number of ways you can keep in touch with clients online. Even if face-to-face business is important if not vital, you don’t need to lose business and employees during the Coronavirus crisis.

Below are some options for keeping in touch with clients and maybe even gaining more new clients in the process. These tasks are especially useful if you have employees stuck at home with not enough to do and you don’t want to lose them.

1. Online chat

Adding a chat box to your site is now super easy. They can often help you convert clients and it’s super-fast. You don’t have to be waiting on the laptop anymore… most platforms will send an alert to your phone that someone wants to chat.

2. Video Calls

Offering video calls is a great way to stay in touch and even continue your business as normal if you have a service that requires face-to-face meetings. Therapists, lawyers, accountants, architects, tutors, health carers, any form of consultant…being able to offer a virtual face-to-face meeting is now more important than ever. You can even easily set up a paid service for clients. Our current favourite is Zoom, but there are loads of options from a basic Whatsapp to more sophisticated screen sharing technology.

3. Social Media updates

Social media is a necessary evil for any business and during times of isolation it’s the only way some people are interacting with the outside world. Write updates on your business pages on facebook and Linkedin…let clients know what you are doing. Any good news? Let people know. Do you have some tips on getting through isolation? Post about it. Funny meme? No problem…your clients will be happy to know that your business is active and possibly even still employing people.

4. Blog

If you aren’t blogging already, now is the time to start or ramp up. Set up a news stream on your website then start posting on topics of interest. You can write good long articles about your work, or simply refer to other interesting articles, memes and videos. Blogging is the best thing you can do for your website SEO; google loves unique, regularly added content which make you look to the algorithm like an expert in your field.

5. Alerts

There are tools you can use to keep track of clients; set an alert on the person[s name or company, their industry and topics of interest. You can then reconnect with something to offer; congratulations, information, news and trends, help you can provide. Platforms such as Talkwalker and Mention, as well as Google Alerts, work well. Don’t forget to think about your client’s privacy though! There is sometimes a fine line between marketing and stalking.

6. Ask for input

Some of your clients might be stuck at home in isolation and looking for things to do. Interact with them by finally getting that survey completed. Ask for meaningful input into how you can improve your business whether it is cost, customer service or even your website design! This is great for improving your business in the long term.

7. Comment

Lots of people write blog posts and articles, few receive comments on their posts. It can be disheartening. Subscribe to your customers’ blogs and use alerts to find articles they write or articles they are quoted in. They will remember you fondly when they get some comments on their hard work! Trolling is mean though…we don’t recommend it. Save your comments for insights and encouraging messages.

Want to know more about what you can offer your clients? Maybe you need a new site setup with some of the above options available to clients?

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