Canadian Connections

We've done a few overseas sites this month. While most of our clients are from Australia and New Zealand we often get queries from North America. Its likely that we undercut the prices of US-based designers of course. The Australian dollar is low so I can cut our prices but 10% for North American clients plus they don't pay the gst. This means overseas clients can get a great website at very good price.

Website design for life coach

When clients think of offshore service providers they are likely to be thinking of non-english speaking countries. However Australian service providers, with our good understanding of western businesses and native English can often provide as good a service as someone in your home country for a better price.

We recently completed this great site for Canadian professional and life coach George Ngem. He found us on our WiX Arena profile and was thrilled with the outcome!

Here is the testimonial from George:

We can provide high quality designs and content writing to clients in any country, including Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Great Britain.