A Website in a Day

I received a panicked email from an old client last weekend. Her client desperately needed a website in 38 hours...could I do it?

Challenge accepted!

Luckily the new client - the very talented Chris Wood from Graphic Beam - had all the resources ready to go including images and text, as well as an easy, clean design idea to work from.

With WiX, I was able to draft this up, working through most of Sunday, and send the link to the client on Monday morning.

A few minor adjustments, some fiddling around with hosting and domains, and BAM! A live website in less than 48 hours.

It's pretty professional for a rushed job...what do you think?

For clients in a hurry, please note that this miracle isn't always possible. It is dependent on your design, content and functionality, and we DO charge extra for dropping everything and working on a Sunday!

However if you need something urgent, a landing page or "coming soon" page is always a good idea...this will generally take less than 1 day.

#quickwebsites #websitedesign