A Christmas Miracle

Bondi Websites

You'd think we could take a bit of time off over the holidays and get in quality beach time. However local builder Kerry needed a site urgently - there's been a bit of an upturn and he had potential clients in Bondi, Tamarama and Coogee wanting information.

I plonked myself at my fave cafe for a few mornings after surf and zipped up this site to pretty exact specifications!

Such is living in paradise. However I DID escape the Sydney Basin heat and headed up to the northern NSW coast for a while this week. The wi-fi is terrible but the weather is cooler.

If you are looking at getting any building work done, give Kerry a call...he's based in Tamarama and works all over Sydney.

As a Sydney Website Design Company, Bondi Websites' clients are predominantly in New South Wales - and more specifically in the Eastern Suburbs. However our design work is of course completely digital – we have had clients in Thailand, South Africa and England as well as businesses all over Australia.

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