Talking of conservative websites...

Today it was suggested that we have a rather conservative website design portfolio.

The problem, when one designs sites for small businesses that consist mostly of lawyers, accountants and plumbers, is that there is neither the need or the budget for anything artsy or with unusual design elements.

Here is our portfolio...what do you think?

Thinking outside-the-box or having a "cutting-edge" site sounds fun in theory but in practice it doesn't work for the vast majority of businesses.

The main problem is that YOUR clients - the ones looking for a plumber, accountant or lawyer - don't care about your website's design or logo colours. We cares!! They want the information they need and they want it quickly and easily. What makes you stand out is good design, easy on the eye and simple to use.

Also, a more complex design with a different level of creativity costs more than a small-to-medium business is willing to pay; when most small and new business website budgets are under $3000, there isn't a lot of room for something spectacular. What you should be getting for any budget is a site that matches your branding, a site that is serviceable, easily-navigable, mobile responsive and preferably appealing and attractive!

That being said, doing a site that is unique is fun, and we love to be challenged. If you have a business that needs a bit of pizazz, send us a note - you can be certain we will do something perfect for your brand, wow your customers and meet your expectations.

In the meantime, check out our recent creation for a Legal Outsourcing Business. SBA came to us with a tricky redesign which we've turned into a super-professional site!

Conservative? Maybe...Good design? Absolutely!

SBA Legal Solutions