Wix Pro

Bondi Websites are now one of just 6 Wix Pro designers in Sydney.

You can find our profile here.

While we still use Wordpress and code-only for some sites; Bondi Websites recommends wix to most businesses.

The most important reason is that we can build your site much more cheaply in the first place. We can also build it from scratch - no templates, no plugins, no subscriptions. Everything is done 100% custom for your business.

The second key issue for Wix is that it is modular; extra functionality can be added quickly and cheaply down the track.

Thirdly; you can update it yourself! Not just the images or text, but you can easily change the design and functionality. Wix has a user-friendly drag and drop system. To customise anything in wordpress, you need coding ability or you have to pay someone extra to make even small changes. In the longer term, this will cost you more money so will not offset the more expensive hosting costs for Wix.

I do get asked a lot about SEO - a Wix site can get to the first page in Google in the same way that a Wordpress or any other site will. Google does NOT discriminate based on platform.

Ask us today about setting up your Wix site; we can create a landing or email capture page for just $150.

Standard sites with a scrolling home page and 3 subpages start at $500.

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