Is it worth getting a website done cheaply?


I have a reasonable pricing schedule for my clients; its available here on my website. Its important to my clients that they know exactly what they are going to get for their money.

However some businesses are just starting out and would like a more basic site.

This can be done from as little as $250 plus hosting. In this case I would use a template and a modular platform like Wix.

I did a site like this for Albatross Restaurant in Ocean Shores. Have a look and see what can be done for this small amount of money.

Albatross' owners saved money by:

1. Letting me come up with a simple design without any changes

This is important...I allow for a round of adjustments in my standard pricing but if I offer a cheaper price I don't allow adjustments; the client gets what she's given! The reason is that adjustments take longer than the original set up and time is money! Mistakes and spelling errors of course will be fixed for free!

2. Providing all the content, and only have a small amount

I include copywriting and editing in my standard pricing. Most business owners struggle with copy and don't understand how to include SEO in their text. However if there is a small amount of content and you are confident with it (or happy to keep it for the time being) then this will save a few hours' work.

3. Not worrying about having the wix ads on their site...their patrons don't!

Your site has to be hosted on a server, and wix provides an amazing CMS (content management system) which is included so hosting is slightly more expensive than a wordpress site - which many people find complicated. I can provide a wordpress site which will be cheaper hosting but the site will cost more to design. Wix offers a competitive hosting cost if you keep their ads...most clients prefer to pay the extra but some don't care!

Its a beautiful site isn't it? Just $250* plus hosting at $8 per month. A similar site in wordpress would be $350.

In the long term, however, Albatross will need to upgrade for SEO purposes. But for a new business, the little site looks fabulous and was very cost effective.

* exclusive of gst

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