Peer-to-peer marketplaces

I'll be discussing the rapidly decreasing cost of producing Peer-to-peer Marketplace websites soon (think uber, airbnb, Airtasker...)

If you have an idea, however, it might be worthwhile having a look at this article before spending money on starting your business.

In it, co-founder of Sharetribe Juho Makkonen discusses why these marketplaces can sometimes fail.

His three key pieces of advise are:

1. Make sure your site is solving a real problem for your users.

2. Find a narrow niche (vertical and geographical) and focus solely on it.

3. Make sure that you are targeting a large enough global market, and that your business model can scale.

Maybe looking at why ideas fail will help your idea to succeed!

If you have an idea knocking around; send us a note to chat and we can discuss ways of making that idea work.